Thursday, 6 September 2018

Major Production September 6 2018

What a night! We are so proud of our Kete and the amazing show that they put on last night. These are a couple of early photos. Please feel free to email any cool photos that you may have snapped. Great work team!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Hokowhitu School Disco

Look at these gorgeous students enjoying the disco organised by the PTA. Thanks so much for putting it on for us. We had so much fun and got very hot and sweaty.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Cyber Safety in TKA

In TKA we have been looking at Cyber Safety. We watched a video about some dos and donts around using technology. We don't give out any personal information such as out name, address, phone number and photos.  If there is anything we are unsure about we always seek an adult.

We have come up with some rules around the usage of technology within our kete. The children have individually signed agreements about how to keep themselves and others safe while in TKA.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Exciting Science

Wow! What an awesome day we had this morning with Dr Naffa. He shared with us his passion for Science and showed us a lot of different experiments. We learnt about Liquid Nitrogen and what it can do to molecules within a balloon. How it can freeze marshmallows. Also the different colours that alkaline and acid make using the Universal Indicator. I think we all especially loved  the Elephant Toothpaste!





40 Hour Famine

This afternoon we had Becca from World Vision come to talk to the children about the 40 Hour Famine this year. They are looking at donating all money raised to South Sudan. They would like to support food and water resources, foster parents for those children without parents and providing a child friendly space. All those children who expressed an interest in participating have been given forms to take home. Parents/Guardians will need to complete the form if they are happy for their child to participate. This form will then need to be handed to Mrs Guerin and she will provide the World Vision Booklet.



Making Trackers

TKT and TKA were working with the lady from Horizons to make trackers. Trackers help us identify what animals we have around our environment. The children were working in their teams to create a tracker that could be placed around Hokowhitu School to see what animals we have around. Some of the children have put them around the school and others have taken them home to find out what creatures they have around their home. It will be exciting when we pull them out to see what prints have been made.




Predator Free: 2050

In TKA we are currently learning about our environment and looking at the birds, invertebrates and trees. We were lucky enough to have a lady from DoC come and talk to the children about pests in New Zealand. We learnt that DoC are trying to be Predator Free by 2050. The current three predators that they are focussing on at the moment are rats, stoats and possums. The children had the opportunity to look at tracking, pests, how they know if there are predators in the area and how they catch predators. It is important that we are all part of this focus to help our native animals such as the kakapo, kiwi and whero duck. 


Major Production September 6 2018

What a night! We are so proud of our Kete and the amazing show that they put on last night. These are a couple of early photos. Please fe...